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Hong Kong Workshop March 9,10,11 2010

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This is a three-day workshop in Hong Kong. It will be held in the studio (in an industrial building in Kowloon), and we will focus on studio painting from photographs.

We will focus on the process of developing a studio painting, from initial studies and planning to the final painting. I will show you how to integrate linear compositional studies to plan eye movement and focal areas to make your paintings more interesting, notan studies to select an interesting dark/light harmony and give strength to your design, and color notan to plan a beautiful color harmony.

For those of you interested in figure work, we will look at how to do figure and portrait studies to prepare you for the final painting.

I will also go over the painting process to show you the most efficient way of building up a painting in the studio. For past students I will also take a look at the work you have done since your previous workshop and review it for you.
Tuition Fee: US dollars $575 (approximately Euros 400-420 depending on current exchange rate.)

There are two methods of payment: (if you have problems with one method in a particular country, try the other method)

Method 1: Click here to Pay USD $575 Tuition Fee using a credit card through, and confirm your place on the workshop.

Method 2: Click the button below to Pay USD $575 Tuition Fee using a credit card through PayPal, and confirm your place on the workshop. Please note that Paypal will charge a USD $23.65 processing fee, identified as 'shipping'), so that the total charge to your credit card will be USD $575 plus $23.65 = USD $598.65

Please note that Inc. (Ohio, USA) authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Barry John Raybould and therefore your credit card will show a charge from Alternatively, if you pay via PayPal, your credit card will show a charge from PayPal.

After making your payment, please fill in the following form so I can send you any detailed information about the workshop and keep you updated with any new information. Thank You.

Friday, November 20, 2009

China Painting Workshop Photos

Nancy painting with the children in the China Painting Workshop in Yunnan.

Final dinner in Hong Kong workshop.

Drawing lecture in Hong Kong workshop.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hong Kong Workshop - October 3-7


I am giving a one-week workshop in Hong Kong, from October 3-7 2009.

We will be painting and studying outdoors in various locations such as in the beautiful area of Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island. Two of my students will be helping us find good locations to paint and draw.

All levels of painters are welcome, from beginners to more advanced students. I will tailor the workshop according to your specific needs.

You can work in whatever medium you prefer: oil, acrcylic, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, charcoal, graphite.

Travel & Lodging Arrangements

Arrange your own travel to Hong Kong and book a room at the same hotel in which I will be staying. I am staying at the City Garden Hotel, Northpoint. You may choose to stay somewhere else if you wish, but we will meet at the City Garden Hotel each morning at 8:30 to plan the day's painting.

Book your hotel to arrive on October 2, the night before the workshop, and depart on October 7th (day the workshop ends) or October 8th, the day after the workshop ends.

Details of the hotel are:
City Garden Hotel, Northpoint, Prices for the rooms are Hong Kong $ 600.00-$680.00 (approximately USD S78 - $88) daily depending on the type of room.

To get to the hotel from the airport, you can take a taxi from the airport Terminal to City Garden Hotel - Cost about HK$300, duration 45 minutes.

What Is The Workshop Schedule?

The workshop will consist of four hours of formal tuition in the morning plus painting together in afternoon. The schedule for the painting workshop is:

9:00 to 10:00 Lecture on the topic for the day and critique of previous days work.
10:00-10:30 We will then travel to the painting location by taxi.
10:30 - 12:30 Painting and Quick Studies with personal guidance and advice from Barry.
Afternoon: free time for working on your own artwork, or watching Barry at work. We recommend you work on consolidating the information you learned in the morning during this free time, in preparation for the next day of the workshop.

Saturday, October 3rd meet 09:00 on at the City Garden Hotel
Saturday, October 3rd evening, eat together then go out to Victoria Park to see the Lantern Festival
Tues Oct 6: Dinner together with Susan
Wednesday, October 7. The workshop will end formally at 15:00.

What Is The Weather in Hong Kong in October, What shall I wear?

One of the best months to visit Hong Kong, the city’s normal humidity is low, and the skies are clear and blue, while the constant sunshine makes October in Hong Kong a good month to explore the city. Many Hong Kongers consider October and November as Hong Kong’s summer months, as the temperature is lower, and people go to Hong Kong’s beaches and hiking trails. Generally this is a good month for outdoor activities. There are occasionally still very wet days from a passing typhoon. If it does rain it tends to rain at night. October in Hong Kong is also full of wildlife, as the northern hemispheres birds take a breather on their way to warmer climes in the south. The temperature is around 25C-30C. You should bring cotton T shirts and a light cardigan or jacket for air conditioning. Do not bring too much because you might like to do some shopping here. T-shirts about HK$30-50. Jacket about HK$80-100. Umbrella is about HK$20.

What Is The Workshop Cost?

The tuition cost for the 5 day workshop is (EUR,euros) €575, (or USD,US Dollars $845, as of Aug 6).

To book the workshop, you can pay the tuition fee by bank wire transfer, or by credit card using PayPal. (Please note that Paypal will charge a 24 euro processing fee, identified as 'shipping'), so that the total charge to your credit card will be €575 plus €24 = €599. To pay by credit card, please click the following button:

All other expenses (travel to Hong Kong, taxis within Hong Kong, hotel, meals, etc), you will pay directly. If you need any help or have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. Contact me via

What equipment do I need?

This booklet will show you the basic equipment you need if you are an oil or acrylic painter: Outdoor painting equipment guide. If you paint in watercolors, then bring whatever you normally use at home.

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